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If you decide to buy a yacht, you have two options. Either you keep the boat for your own pleasure and you have to cover all the costs associated with it solely from your pocket, or you can entrust your boat to our Czech charter fleet, which has been operating successfully for 20 years and let it earn itself and the cost of its operation.

If you choose a more economical option, you have no worries about providing anchoring, permanent maintenance, care and supervision and repairs carried out by an authorized service center. The yacht is constantly maintained in its best technical and visual condition, including equipment, covering a large part of the acquisition cost and all other maintenance, anchoring and insurance costs. In addition, of course, you can use your yacht for free at the dates you book.

One of the main profit is that you can buy a yacht for charter management without VAT. If you do not have your own company (VAT payer), we will arrange for you to set up a Croatian company, including bookkeeping and a responsible prokurist, who will provide all necessary administration. 


               Your yacht will then be added to our charter fleet and chartered to our clients. At the charter base in the Dalmacija Marina in Sukošan, Croatia, both expert experienced staff and an authorized Beneteau service are available, including a stocked spare parts warehouse. Unlike anonymity and impersonal access to yachts in the fleets of large charter companies operating with hundreds of yachts on dozens of bases around the world, your yacht will be managed by our best technicians.  The yachts of our fleet are insured with the Pantaenius insurance company, with which we have very good experience. 


           In the charter management program, you will place the yacht in our fleet and you will get the real difference between the costs and revenues of the charters realized in full. Croatian 13% VAT is deducted from total charter sales, any agency commissions and discounts granted to charter clients. As a yacht owner, 70% of these net sales are yours. The remaining 30% of revenue is used to cover costs such as advertising, catalogs, trade fairs, administrative activities (reservations, contracts), obtaining local charter permits, contacts with local authorities, routine yacht maintenance, handover protocols and related work , refilling consumed substances (gas, water, first aid kit), refilling consumable parts of equipment (glass, dishes, etc.). As a yachtowner, you earn revenue from all the weeks you have made, and you also cover the cost of insurance, maintenance and service.

The yachts are roughly booked 17-24 weeks a year, depending on the particular model chosen and its presence in the fleet. In this way, the return on the total investment in a yacht is about 10 years on average. The price of yacht is falling very slowly. For example, a ten-year-old yacht is still salable for about 50% of the original purchase price. In the attached tables you will find an indicative calculation of charter revenues for selected models that would be worth strengthening our fleet now, and we assume their smooth occupancy. In calculating profitability, you should not forget about the value of your sailing holidays, which you would otherwise pay in full. The charter management program can be concluded for any period or for an indefinite period with the possibility to terminate it by the end of August of the previous season.


If you need to finance your boat, we will arrange a financial leasing from 40% down payment with a maturity of up to 7 years.

The purchase price of the boat inluding charter equipment ISLA 40 (4 cabins + 1 skipper cabin): € 536.000

Indicative calculation of annual charter revenue ISLA 40 (€)

Purchase price of the catamaran including charter equipment TANNA 47 (5 cabins + 1 skipper cabin) :   € 950.000

Indicative calculation of annual charter revenue Tanna 47 (€)
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