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Are you already busy with crowded beaches? Like envy, are you watching the snow-white sails of yachts disappearing on the horizon, or motor yachts flying past your vacation on the surface looking up on their way sent by a few juicy curse who are well on their way to paying money with their mobile phones? Don't despair! There is nothing easier than to enjoy such a holiday too.


A man in a captain's cap, whom you see sipping coffee on board a beautiful 15-meter yacht, does not have to be a millionaire on rent. The opposite is true. The vast majority of boats are only rented, and the price for renting a boat per person per day is not significantly different from the price for hotel accommodation at the above-mentioned crowded beach. That is why the gentleman in the cap can be both an Italian truck driver, a Hungarian tractor driver. On the yacht, however, you have the opportunity to visit places that you would otherwise or hardly get. You can be your whole holiday away from civilization on uninhabited islands, as well as visiting ancient towns full of tourists. There is no better bathing than from the deck of a yacht in the crystal water of uninhabited bays. Every day you can be in a different place and get to know a much larger area than your land holiday. Who else wants to drive in a 30-degree heat for trips around the area.

The yachts are fully equipped with everything you need to live. As a rule, you only need a swimsuit on a yacht and it is not usually needed either. The cabins are usually double. Each boat has one or more toilets with sink and shower. In the common lounge there is always a fully equipped galley with gas stove and oven, fridge, dishes and everything you need for cooking. But if you cook or visit the picturesque cafes and pubs on the coast, it's up to you. Often you will find them on an uninhabited island operated only for yachtsmen. The standard equipment of the yacht also includes bedding, inflatable dinghy, autopilot, depth gauge, speedometer, GPS navigation, VHF radio, radio - CD player, necessary maps and of course there are always life - safety equipment such as liferaft, lifejackets, harnes or signal rockets.

There are many ways to spend your holiday on a yacht. In summer, family holidays prevail, not only because of the summer holidays of our youngest, but also for the moderate moderate weather and the sea, which will not cause your precious half the first time trauma and vigorous rejection of such another holiday. On the other hand, more experienced yachtsmen prefer spring and autumn months, when wind blows and the level of adrenaline in fighting wind and waves can go up. On the yacht, everyone can find their own, just to try what they like.

First you need to choose the right boat. Charter prices vary according to boat size, boat age and season. Significant role also plays the boat brand, if you want to have a quiet holiday choose from reputable brands. If you choose Beneteau you usually have no other problem. Next, you need to clarify in what number, how many adults and how many children you will go to the boat and whether someone can sleep in the salon or not. Most boats allow sleeping 1-2 crew members in the salon, which of course brings a better price per person, but also the need for greater consideration of others.

As far as the place of rental is concerned, we will rent the boat practically all over the world in all tourist and sailing attractive places. However, the Croatian Adriatic is still the most attractive sailing site for the Central European. The very rugged coast of Croatia with hundreds of islands, thousands of bays and a large number of marinas, mooring buoys or stone piers at pubs in uninhabited bays has no competition in the Mediterranean. That is why our own charter base is located in the heart of the Adriatic coast in the most attractive sailing area of ​​the whole Mediterranean Sea.

The yacht can be rented either with the captain for a fee, or by yourself if you are authorized to lead the boat and operate the VHF radio. For those who do not own these privileges, we organize sailing courses where you will receive a captain's license for the money you would give for the captain's service. In this course, you will learn how to operate a yacht in practice and at the end you will receive a license both on the boat and on the radio. When ordering a charter, it is usually necessary to pay a deposit of  50% of the price and a balance within six weeks before departure. Each ship is insured to its full value with a certain contribution from the owner. This deduction is covered by the security deposit, which must be paid when the ship is taken over. Any damage caused or losses are deducted from this deposit upon handover. In some cases it is also possible to arrange a deposit insurance and pay a non-refundable amount of around 6% of the rental price instead of paying the deposit. We look forward to meeting you aboard our boats.


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