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Anyone who has sailed a week on a yacht knows how to become familiar with all the people on board in this short period of time. Together, literally "on the same boat" almost always breaks all auras and brings all participants closer together like no other activity. That's why team building is becoming increasingly popular and many companies are now discovering and using it.


We regularly organize these events for companies that bring their management or their suppliers or customers. In an unusual environment in which everyone has to deal with previously unknown situations, personal relationships and relationships that are otherwise unreachable are often created. And most business successes are also based on personal relationships in everyday life. Almost all companies that have tried this activity are regularly returning to these events. Business owners and executives also use these cruises as a very reliable, fast and often the only way to know the true features of their subordinates. After a week, almost everyone on the ship is who he really is!

"Are you looking for an ideal place to put together a team in a team building? Be on the same boat! "

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